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Empowering YOU

Bringing all that I have experienced and endured to support you through change with kindness, patience and love . . .

Using the methods of NLP, Authentic communication and reiki healing energy to develop a confident self awareness, shifting the limits of old beliefs, releasing negative behaviours and habits to support who you truly can be. 

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Empowering Energy Coaching is a place to find freedom in body and mind, to create the energy & happiness we deserve.


Our Pillars of Focus to achieve success.

Bringing our Karma method into alignment.

Each week and every goal or challenge we address the body, mind and spirit to achieve success. 


Exercise - Confidence & Energy

'When we empower the body we empower the mind'


Beliefs - Behaviours & Healing

'Creating wellness and energy starts from within'


Strategy - Action & Accountability 

'A goal is a dream with a plan of action & support to get you there' 

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You get what you put in. 


Using our K.A.R.M.A Method to step into your journey with both understanding & compassion that life is the good & the bad, yin & yang, light & dark. This level of acceptance brings immense ease & flow. 

 ~ Kindness to yourself, the lessons & learnings of past & for this incredible process                    of change ahead of you.


~ Awareness proceeds change, in order to get to where we want to go we have to                       realise all the learnings & lessons that got us to where we are now.


Ritual committing to positive habits and focus to raise your energy, step towards                      your goals and live a healthy happy lifestyle

~ Mindset acceptance of what limits us in beliefs and behaviours and anchoring in                      what we deserve into our conscious and subconscious so that the action comes                        with ease and momentum. 


Alignment honouring your values, creating strategy for your goals and making it                        authentic to you are and what feels right in your heart.  

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Rachel R - Scriptwriter & Editor - Oamaru, NZ

"Take good care of yourself with this!

Jae is a wonderful guide and Yoga practitioner. Very down to earth and dogma free.

I love how she combines Yoga Nidra with NLP, Hypnosis and some Reiki yumminess."

Carrie V - Reiki Master & Yoga Leader - California

Jae is a peaceful warrior of light and healing. Her presence is so calming and nourishing. Take any of her classes Reiki session or coaching and you will be so great for you did!

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Georgia L - Yoga teacher & Server - Melbourne 

After each session I feel the empowerment. Even in the depths of the dark days Jae helps me focus on the small things, shifts my perspective and create small daily changes. She is bringing the positivity back into my life and helping me go back to the basics. Her presence, energy, voice and encouragement is beyond unique and special. I always take something away from each time we connect. Jae is a freaking force of nature and I always feel better about myself when I am working with her. 

I’d recommend anyone to engage in her beautiful unique offerings.

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Suzie H - Student Nurse

Waimate, NZ 

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There have been many moments where something in my brain just clicked, it’s hard to explain, it’s like my thoughts were going off feelings instead of facts, even though the facts were right there, I had blocked them out somehow .

I think for me it’s just having someone with no agenda being able to snap me out of my own deep thoughts and realise there’s so much good things going on, good timing and gifts to realise rather than focusing on the dark.

Being told or questioned by someone that is not biased makes me really assess and confront the issue, or realise it is not an issue at all, and that I have made it an issue. This has been an incredible realisation many times so far for me !


Meet Jae 


Reiki Relaxation Guide

Reiki Practitioner 

Yoga Nidra Teacher

Combining my loves of guided relaxation/yoga nidra and reiki healing energy to creating a hypnogic healing experience while in a state of complete bliss and calm.


Empowering Energy Coach 

NLP Practitioner

Wellness, Energy, Confidence

& Healing Guide

Coaching you as a whole & to your individual needs. Inspiring the mind through diving into your behaviours & beliefs and creating action towards freedom & energy in all areas of our lives.


Embodied Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga 

Pranayama & Meditation  Teacher  

Connecting to the healing power of breath, building functional strength and ritual for our bodies to come alive.

500hr Blissology Yoga Teacher